ESH-EBMT-EHA-IPIG 3rd Translational Research Conference Bone Marrow Failure and Leukaemia Predisposition Syndromes


15 November - 17 Apr
Paris, France

Chairpersons: Carmem Bonfim, Tim Brümmendorf, Antonio Risitano, Sharon Savage

Scientific Committee: Beatrice Drexler, Carlo Dufour, Morag Griffin, Régis Peffault de Latour 

With the support of: Severe Aplastic Anaemia Working Party of the EBMT, the EHASWG on Granulocyte and Bone Marrow Failures and the International PNH Interest Group


The ESH-EBMT-EHA-IPIG 3rd Translational Research Conference: Bone Marrow Failure and Leukaemia Predisposition Syndromes will be of particular value for clinicians and non- clinical scientists, M.D. and Ph.D. of all ages interested in the biology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of bone marrow failure syndromes (BMFS) and leukaemia predisposition syndromes. We will not only discuss the standard of care in acquired but also inherited BMFS occurring in adult and paediatric patients, but particularly focus on new underlying principles and evolving new treatment strategies.
In good tradition of ESH, we will put special effort on low threshold exchange between young scientists and experts in the field, as well as between clinicians and basic scientists. Meet-the-experts workshop as well as poster walks will allow us to highlight topics of special attention and to enable further in-depth exchange. Our dedicated faculty will secure the highest standard of both clinical, translational and basic research.

Upon completion of this CME activity, participants include:
– Improve understanding of the stem cell biology of BMF, from genotoxic stress, inflammageing to failure
– Acquire knowledge of recent advances in Fanconi Anaemia, Ribosome diseases and telomere biology disorder
– Gain insight into novel therapeutics of Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemoglobinuria and idiopathic Aplastic Anaemia, including knowledge of complement cascade, the current developmental status of various targeted drugs and of novel antibody-based and small molecules based immunotherapeutic approaches, and their promise for future clinical application
– Acquire an overview of emerging approaches and new challenges such as genetic editing of haemopoietic stem cells, single cell RNA sequencing in haemopoiesis and genetic predisposition for myeloid malignancies.

– Stem cell biology
– Inherited predisposition to leukaemia
– Constitutional marrow failure 2
– Constitutional marrow failure 3: telomere biology diseases and others…
– AA & PNH: 1. Pathophysiology and diagnosis
– AA & PNH: 2. CHIP and clonal evolution in BMFS
– Treatment of aplastic anaemia
– Treatment of paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria
– Expanding areas in BMFS

– Plenary Sessions
– Panel Discussions
– Roundtable
– Poster Walks
– Meet the Expert Sessions
– Brief Oral Communications

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