ASH-IPIG Abstract Achievement Awards in PNH

The ASH-IPIG Abstract Achievement Awards in PNH program is a partnership between the International PNH Interest Group (IPIG) and the American Society of Hematology (ASH) to recognize meritorious PNH research.

The ASH-IPIG Abstract Achievement Awards in PNH are intended to help defray the costs of attending the IPIG and ASH Annual Meetings, held consecutively in December. Through this program, IPIG awards up to two $2,000 grants annually to trainees (undergraduate student, medical student, graduate student, resident physician, or post-doctoral MD or PhD fellow) who are the first or senior author and presenter of the most meritorious PNH-focused abstracts submitted to ASH in the fields of red cells and erythropoiesis or bone marrow failure.

The following additional important considerations will be helpful for potential applicants:

  • Qualifying abstracts must be clearly focused on PNH
  • Award recipients will be two different individuals from different institutions
  • The highest scoring abstracts will be identified irrespective of category (i.e., one each from 101 and 508, or two from 101, or two from 508)

IPIG award recipients are expected to attend IPIG’s Annual Meeting and to address the membership in the year in which they receive their awards.

The 2020 awards will be announced during IPIG’s 2020 Annual Scientific Assembly on 4 December 2020 in San Diego, California.

How to apply

Applicants who are interested in applying for one of these two awards should:

    • Be an IPIG member, or apply for IPIG membership at the time of submitting an abstract to ASH
    • Check the box on the ASH abstract form indicating you are applying for an Abstract Achievement Award
    • Submit an abstract to ASH within the timeline ASH establishes for abstract submission (usually between June 1 and early August)
    • Apply a PNH content tag to your abstract (the PNH tag is located in the “Anemias” section)

For more information, please visit the American Society of Hematology (ASH) or contact IPIG.

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